Self-Reliance: The core of individualism, democracy, and freedom.


Self-reliance is to be reliant on self in being independent of one’s survivability. Doing your shopping, bill payments without another person’s assistance. Looking at the basics, to the whole picture of what we have become as an autonomous society.

It appears that self-reliance has negative annotations, in the majority of scientific and philosophical journals. Where freedom and individuality through democracy expands to an overall view, of what is being self-reliant.

Your Bod Your Rules is self reliance
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Individualists believe in pursuing one’s goals and valuing independence and self-reliance. While opposing any interference by society or institutions, such as the government, that act against one’s interest.

The quality of not needing help or support from other people


Individualism is a moral stance to be autonomous and unique in one’s beliefs or ideologies. In being distinguished from “the norm” giving an appearance of being independent of others.

Participants from the individualist perspective participate on a personally structured political and moral ground.

An individualist needs independent thinking and opinions to be able to make decision based on their personal interests in particular aspects.

Independence in Business

Self-employment is considered to be self-reliant on forming ones own income. Most of the difference in satisfaction between self- and organisational employed workers is due to work autonomy.

Research in job satisfaction has supporting evidence to shows that autonomy has a positive effect on independent work life.

Although, stressors are known to increase on owners and independent contractors as their work’s never done. One’s self needs are a choice we can all make.


In today’s world, we see self-reliance as a need to survive. Our schools teach it early on, but part way’s with it as we climb the ladder. Whereas, dependency and servitude are needed traits in further education, following the path that’s given.

Emmerson’s philosophy

Emmerson’s self-reliance reflects an individual as having autonomous lives. However, he also presents the issues of having to many freedoms may be an issue.

Self-reliant individuals recognise that they should fulfil responsibilities toward others, but in a way that is “unique and different”: not as the customs of others dictate, but according to their own inward perception of truth.

Education System

Our schools teach it early on, but part way’s with it as we climb the ladder. Dependency and servitude in further education, follow the path that’s given.

Social institutions, like education, take away autonomy and dictate the outcomes of one’s thoughts and makes them someone else.

Yet, we need to learn to understand the topics, it is the restrictions placed that are the problem. This can also include some workplaces.


The positives

The reliance of independence to autonomous and multi skilled to look after one’s self. Such as the basics of changing the oil on your everyday vehicle, changing a tire or maintaining a lawn mower to mow your lawn.

It is also about self-care, like cooking, personal hygiene, cleaning. Another person is not your slave because you have never done the dishes or cannot cook.

The reliance of independence to autonomous is a glorious feat for society. We as a humanity have built empires, such as Rome, European countries, The United States and those who form the Commonwealth of England.

Democracy formed through allowing the people to be self-reliant and autonomous. Although, Rome was autocratic, they allowed their citizens to have freedoms to build and create.

Those against individualism

However, some have noted that having too much autonomy, usually the one’s who want it themselves. They’re oppressive or fearful towards those who are independent, self-reliant, and autonomous.

We have many who dislike the freedom’s humanity has and would like to oppress and rule us. Taking away those freedoms, it is why we have wars, famine, and homelessness.

Having us believe that we cannot rule our lives and need direction. This direction is usually fool hardy, and detrimental to others’ needs, an invasion of personal space.


Overall, self-reliance is about autonomy, freedom to be who you are. To support yourself through life and prosper as an individual.

Occasionally, this scares people who need constant control of others. However, people who need constant control of others usually terrify those who want to be independent.

As with all things, it’s a two-way perception, and no path taken is right or wrong. It is your path, your life, and you choose what suits you. Be self resilient or follow the others, just make sure it’s right for you.


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