Psychology Projection: Directing feeling and thoughts to others


Projection of your thoughts and feelings on to others is unfair on the other person. Let’s learn about what projection is, and it affects you and others in the world around.

Your inner world has nothing to do with the other person, whether, in conflict or having a conversation. Expressing one’s beliefs, thoughts, and emotions on to another person is not okay.

Content may be triggering, please contact your local support number from mental health support if you need assistance.

Project thoughts and emotions as love not hate
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The Science:

Psychological projection is the misinterpretation of your thoughts and emotions from what your feeling inside to outside. The good side of this is when we express empathy and our personal experiences on to others.

Misinterpreting what is “inside” as coming from “outside”.

McWilliams, Nancy (2020).

Negative Projection

Victim Blaming

The negative side of this is victim blaming when a wrongful act occurs, we project prejudice towards the victim. Also known as blame shifting, where we shift the blame to either make us feel good about self or the wrongful deed.


Bullying is another form of projection when a bully is blaming someone else for their actions. Creating hostilities for their victim to engage with.

Bullies with no integrity are vindictive, aggressive and often violate others boundaries. The triggers can be brought on by their own inadequacies and insecurities.

Without thought of the person’s well-being, mental health or self-confidence. The person targets a stronger individual as to uplift themselves in stature. They use isolation to manage or belittle individuals.

Social Groups

When an individual is in a group, negative behaviours on projection can increase, especially with close friends. As they have support from others, as they have ideals and predictions based on thoughts and emotions.

An individual can not identify their own behaviours within a group. Becoming biased towards the other person’s responses and is all internal dialogue. Were bystander apathy is a reluctance to offer help.

The processes

Observing projection externally is finding someone who talks about their emotions over others. And or forcing their beliefs on others. A process of misinterpreting emotions and thoughts and projecting them.

The cognitive state of projecting a state of one’s cognitive existence on to another. Expressing incorrectly the circumstances or events in question or are in motion.

The Conversation:

Social Interactions

Bullies project by using individuals as scapegoats, using them as their own personal punching bags. Expression through their own thoughts and beliefs and what is going through their own head. Refusing to listen to compromise.

When dealing with negative psychological projection in social interactions, it is best to walk away. The perpetrator has already made their mind up and is going to attempt to inflict damage.

Online Bullying

Protect yourself from harm, do not continue interacting with individuals who bully you online, in person or in the workplace.

With the increase of online bullying, scapegoating and gaslighting. We need to remove those individuals from having access to our personal selves. Block them in any way and if it is a serious issue, report them to the social media company you’re on.

Projection can also be positive, expressing your feelings and thoughts in a mature conversation. Expression of feelings in a situation, especially your in a crowd and have agoraphobia and expressing you need to leave the situation.


We all do to some extent, not always purposely or for bullying. We just have a different version of events in our heads, we are human, after all. If you stop when someone asks to hold on, stop, or that’s not what I meant.

Show some empathy and stop and listen, give them an explanation as to why you think they’re projecting. If they keep going, ask for a break and talk later when everyone has calmed down.


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