COP26: Climate change issues on our faltering climate


Conference of the Parties (COP) 26 focusing on climate change, is about to go into full swing. Where government officials bicker between saving the planet and making the rich richer.

We are currently seeing the effects of a faltering climate and how it is affecting life on this planet. What we are doing to this planet, our waste and luxuries we take for granted are taking a toll on our environment.

Many countries are set to announce new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But many of them are already falling short of their current emissions goals.

The science:

Global Temperatures

Although, the Paris Agreement is significant, it is only 16 years later than the IPCC’s goal. The US’ domestic goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030 is considered almost enough to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

United States

The key policy proposal for COP2 would require the US to incentivise renewable energy use. The US should aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by around 57 to 63 percent by 2030. It should also move toward reducing its transport and building sectors’ emissions by around 25% by 2030.

Glacier Ice

The mass balance of a glacier are computed by the thickness of ice or snow across its surface. It shows the change in liquid water equivalent to the amount of ice. They have reduced in size up to 40 meters.

Sea level rise since the industrial age
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Sea Level

Rising sea levels threaten the infrastructure needed to support local economies and industries in areas where coastal areas are located. Cities around the world rely on these facilities for their water supplies and transportation.

Greenhouse Gases

The net greenhouse gas emissions from human activities rose by 43 percent in 2015. Over the past two decades, the emissions of carbon dioxide have also increased by 51 percent.

The conversation:

Leaders from almost 200 countries are expected to attend the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 31 to November 12.

Our planet is changing for the worse, well, for humanity anyway and many animals. Oceans are polluted, forests are getting destroyed, CO2 levels are higher than ever. Temperatures are rising, sea levels are rising, and our weather is changing.

The future holds extreme weather such as droughts and floods. Coastal cities will be destroyed. Our governments and businesses are in charge of our future.

Vote for our survival, vote for all living things on this planet.


Please push for change for the future of humanity and other life, we are special. We are unique!

Governments are looking to help, but they are being squeezed by business, and both have selfish goals. Stand up, join and support a save the planet organisation today.


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