Category: Social Behaviors

  • Mere Exposure: The effect of repeated stimulus

    Introduction Mere exposure is the effect of a repeated stimulus, such as watching the news channel 24/7. It can affect the way you think and behave and conflict with your beliefs in a way that can change them to suit another’s agenda. Currently, in Australia, we are in election mode, the media bias is excruciatingly […]

  • Antisocial versus Social: Interpersonal skills online

    Introduction Antisocial versus social behaviour is highly misunderstood among those online, is blurry about what is right or wrong. The grey area of what is appropriate based on actions or language can trigger emotions. What are actions versions reaction against one belief systems and opinions? Antisocial behaviour can be destructive, discriminating or bullying. Personality types […]

  • Self-Reliance: The core of individualism, democracy, and freedom.

    Introduction: Self-reliance is to be reliant on self in being independent of one’s survivability. Doing your shopping, bill payments without another person’s assistance. Looking at the basics, to the whole picture of what we have become as an autonomous society. It appears that self-reliance has negative annotations, in the majority of scientific and philosophical journals. […]

  • Psychology Projection: Directing feeling and thoughts to others

    Introduction: Projection of your thoughts and feelings on to others is unfair on the other person. Let’s learn about what projection is, and it affects you and others in the world around. Your inner world has nothing to do with the other person, whether, in conflict or having a conversation. Expressing one’s beliefs, thoughts, and […]

  • External and internal conflict: effects on mental health

    Introduction: Dealing with external or internal conflict can take a toll on our lives. You can’t walk away from internal conflict, but we can walk away or remove ourselves from external conflicts. We can’t get a restraining order or talk to human resources on how our brains think or feel. But we have professional counselling […]

  • Sexual Assault: Touching another sexually is not okay

    Introduction: Sexual assault is not okay in any form, this means touching another person sexually is not okay. Both genders must respect the other genders privacy and boundaries. Consent needs to be clarified prior to any touching whatsoever. Sexual assault Is way too common in society, so let’s take a look at understanding and prevention […]

  • Misinformation on medical advice and finding real sources

    Introduction: When social media contains misinformation on medical advice, individuals are in danger of believing it. Cancelling the distributors of this information will only ingrain their beliefs. They will create new accounts to spread lies on bad medical information. The cancel culture solves nothing, so let’s take a look at what that means. Also, what […]